BrightSky Australia

BrightSky Australia (BrightSky) is a specialist provider that sources everyday and hard-to-find healthcare products and delivers them right to your door.  BrightSky stocks an extensive range from many leading suppliers of traditional and advanced wound dressings, tapes, bandages, compression stockings and ancilliary products.  BrightSky also stocks continence aids, respiratory aids, nutrition products and other healthcare products needed increasingly by Australians living in the community.    

BrightSky offers:
  • A wide range of healthcare products
  • Ordering in small or bulk quantities
  • Flexible billing and shipping
  • Training for carers and healthcare professionals in the appropriate use and application of dressings and bandages.
BrightSky has expertise in wound care and dressing use and regularly conducts wound care clinics and workshops for professionals.  BrightSky has developed a comprehensive educational package on how to apply and optimally use dressings and bandages for EB patients. 

For more information on BrightSky, including their extensive product offering, visit or call 1300 290 400.