What do EB terms mean?

Some terms used in this site have a specialised meaning.

“Approved Applicant” means an Applicant who is approved to receive benefits from the Scheme, and includes such a person’s Authorised Representative where the context permits.

“Approved Healthcare Professional” means a healthcare professional (specialist) with expert knowledge, skills, and experience in inherited bullosa skin disorders, specifically EB. Contact Independence Australia on 1300 290 400 or email: eb@iagroup.org.au for a list of Approved Healthcare Professionals in your area.

“Authorised Representative” means a person authorised, and/or the legal guardian of a person, diagnosed with EB, who is able to act on behalf of the recipient.

“Monthly Contribution” means the financial contribution the Approved Applicant makes to the cost of their monthly supply of dressings. For more details, see the How to Order section of this website.

“Recipient Responsibilities” means the recipient/carer responsibilities set out in the eligibility letter, Eligibility Guidelines, and this website. These may change from time to time by notice to you.

“Standard Order” means a Recipient can order the required dressings which will be used each month unless an amendment is required and approved. The Standard Order is determined by the treating nurse or EB specialist during an Applicant’s application process.

“Treating Healthcare Professional” means an Approved Healthcare Professional or nurse with experience in the management and treatment of EB.