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Starting out of a cupboard in Ward 17 of the Austin Hospital in 1959, we began by providing incontinence products to people with spinal cord injuries. Today Independence Australia is a national business distributing personal healthcare products to people in their homes to help them enjoy a better quality of life.

We’ve come a long way since 1959:

  • we have a dedicated EB customer support team to help people with EB
  • we stock over 12,000 products across all the major brands
  • we offer expert advice to ensure you have the best products to meet your needs
  • we’re known for providing prompt and reliable home delivery at competitive prices

To find out more about Independence Australia and what else we can conveniently deliver to your home with your monthly order click here.

As a leading provider of wound care products, we’re managing the National Epidermolysis Bullosa Dressing Scheme (NEBDS) in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Health.

When we deliver your dressing requirements each month – we also do so with a key difference. We’re a social enterprise, which means the income we make is invested back into the vital services we provide to help people with disabilities. Click here to find out more or watch the video below.