Recipient responsibilities

Applicants and Authorised Representatives have the following responsibilities as outlined in the National Epidermolysis Bullosa Scheme Eligibility Guidelines:

  1. Complete appropriate fields on the Application Form and agree to the terms and conditions of the Scheme
  2. Request that the Approved Healthcare professional complete and submit the form to Independence Australia with all necessary documentation (where applicable).
  3. Once eligible, adhere to all terms and conditions of the Scheme and ensure Independence Australia is notified if:
  • Change of name
  • Change of address
  • Hospitalisation within 72 hours of admission
  • Mis-delivery of dressing products within 48 hours
  • Change to Concessional Card status (with evidence)

Further, Approved Applicants or Authorised Persons agree to:

  • Payment of monthly co-contributions at the time of ordering.
  • Using dressings as instructed by the Treating Healthcare Professional*.
  • Making appointments with their Treating Healthcare Professional for advice and assistance on how to best manage your condition.
  • Having their personal information collected for the purpose of the Scheme.
  • Providing the correct address for delivery where a signatory must be available during business hours.
  • Ensuring Independence Australia is accurately informed (at time of order confirmation) each month of:
– the dressings required, or not required, that month are within the allowable limits**, and,
– if an extended hospital stay*** has taken place.
  • Store dressings appropriately, according to manufacturer’s recommendations.



* Apply dressings as instructed by the Treating Healthcare Professional

** The maximum allowable limit for dressings is established by the Treating Healthcare Professional for each individual, based on “Section 3 – Dressing Requirements” of the Application Form. Any change to a Standard Order requested by a Treating Healthcare Professional will be actioned on a NEBDS Application Form Section 3.

*** An extended hospital stay is a stay that is equivalent to, or more than, one (1) month duration. If an extended hospital stay has taken place, a pro rata quota of dressings will apply.