Information for Product Suppliers

New Product Applications

The National Epidermolysis Bullosa Dressing Scheme (NEBDS) has two cycles annually when Suppliers are given the opportunity to submit applications for new products to be considered for listing on the NEBDS Product Schedule or replacement of products currently listed on the NEBDS Product Schedule. Applications are to be submitted to Independence Australia as administrator of the NEBDS.


A full list of the NEBDS products can be accessed on the EB dressings website


Date for Applications:

  • Cycle 1: 1st February (or nearest business day)
  • Cycle 2: 16th August (or nearest business day)

Application Process:

  1. Suppliers proposing to list new or replacement products on the NEBDS Product Schedule are required to submit a completed application form, and provide proposed pricing, product information and a product sample.
  2. The NEBDS Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) will assess applications and make recommendations to the government.
  3. Following the bi-annual CAC meetings government approval for products recommended by the CAC for listing on the NEBDS will be sought. The timing for this process may vary.
  4. Following advice from the government, the NEBDS Administrator will notify the supplier applicant of the outcome.
  5. Successful products will be added on to the NEBDS Schedule and made available for ordering.

For further information or questions regarding the new product application process, please contact the NEBDS Administrator on