Information for Product Suppliers

The application process for the listing of new products on the NEBDS dressing schedule applies to:

  • The replacement of discontinued products currently listed on the Schedule;
  • The discontinuation of products on the Schedule, without a replacement; or
  • The application for new products not currently listed on the Schedule.

The new product process operates in line with the Federal Government’s budget cycles in May (Cycle 1) and November (Cycle 2), and further information about each cycle can be found below. New product applications are considered in line with these cycles at the Department of Health and Aged Care’s discretion.

If any of your products currently listed on the Schedule are going to be discontinued and you are replacing them with a new product(s) or if you propose for a new product to be listed on the Schedule, your organisation must follow the below process in consultation with the NEBDS Administrator, currently Independence Australia (IA). The date for discontinuation of a product should be no less than 6 months from your initial notification to the NEBDS Administrator.

Deadlines for applications

  • Cycle 1: 1st February (or nearest business day)
  • Cycle 2: 16th August (or nearest business day)

For more information about the new product application process, please contact the NEBDS Administrator on [email protected].